Castle Interiors of the First Floor (Basic Tour)

The exhibition represents the authentic living quarters of the last owners, the princes of Schönburg-Hartenstein in its appearance in 1910, when the last reconstruction of the castle was completed. The individual functions of the rooms logically divide the floor into the representative, social, private, and guest rooms.

During a 50-minute tour the visitor can see the guest salon, Ditters salon, the guest bedroom, the toilette room, the prisoner's room, the antecamera, office, study, dining room, salon, boudoir, ladies' bedroom, wardrobe, connecting gallery, men's bedroom, men's dressing room, and Kamarýt's bedroom.

The rooms are furnished with almost exclusively authentic furnishings, among which are several works of art which surpass the average standard of castle furnishings.  A summer inventory might include Seisenegger's child portrait of Jáchym and Zachariáš of Hradec (1529), Mülich's portrait of the Bavarian Duke Albrecht V. (1555), Flegel's Still Life with Flowers, Book, and Glasses, Wallerant's portrait of Jan Karel Jáchym Slavata, and perhaps the most popular item among visitors, the curiously ugly Dutchess Markíta Pystaká, also known as Maultasch.  The present exhibition was created from 2004-2006.  The visitor who happens to know the previous appearance of the castle will be pleasantly surprised by the cosiness and furnishings of the interior, evoking the feeling that the aristocracy left the room a mere moment ago.

Opening hours

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1. 5.-31. 5. tue–sun 9.30 – 16.00
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1. 9.-30. 9. tue–sun 9.30 – 16.00
1. 10.-27. 10. sat–sun 9.30 – 16.00
28. 10. mon 9.30 – 16.00
29. 10.-30. 11. closed

Group lunch break april; may 12:00 - 13:00 june; july; august; 12:00 - 12:30 september; october; 12:00 - 13:00


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Other tours

The children’s rooms are full of historic toys; the attic was created during the last renovation between 1902 and 1910. It is the largest loft space made of cork in the world.

this tour is available today 9.30 – 16.00

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE 120 CZK, czech guide only (full admission)

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 30 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 10 people

Group reservation needed for groups only

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This exhibition represents three remarkable cellar spaces partly carved out of the rocks. The tour is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn more about the original form of the early Lhota fortress.

this tour is not available today

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE 100 CZK, czech guide only (full admission)

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 20 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 25 people

Group reservation needed for groups only

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