The attic rooms

The children’s rooms are full of historic toys; the attic was created during the last renovation between 1902 and 1910. It is the largest loft space made of cork in the world.

dětský pokoj

The exhibition of attic rooms is a logical continuation of the re-installation of second-floor castle interiors. At the same time, from the point of view of authenticity, it is much looser – it utilizes the potential of furniture and decorative objects brought in from other castles. The children’s rooms, maid’s room and hall are meant to evoke the way they were used in the time of the Schönburg-Hartensteins.

The picture gallery is an artistic license of its creators and the creation of this space was driven primarily by the effort to display an interesting collection of pictures, which originally came from Kamenice nad Lipou Castle. In fact, they are a depository installed.

During the post-war period, when the castle was opened to public, the attic rooms were seen as totally uninteresting and unattractive, and the emphasis was quite rightly put on the presentation of the historic interiors on the second floor. However, current interest in the everyday and private life of the nobleman during the end days of the Monarchy, as well as in the period of the First Republic (1918-1939), can change the perception of those relatively simple rooms, which can offer some interesting evidence of changes in the lifestyle of nobility at that time. In the light of the last alteration of the castle, carried out by architect Humbert Walcher von Molthein, we can also see a certain idea which appears behind the owners’ effort to present their family through a tasteful and modest building, properly adapted with regard to its preservation.

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