Rules for visitors to the heritage site of the state castle of Červená Lhota

National Heritage Institute
(the "heritage site")

The heritage site is part of a national cultural heritage site, protected under Act No. 20/87 Coll. on State Heritage Protection, as amended.

1. The ticket office of the heritage site is open on opening days:
April (WEEKENDS, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS): 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; May (TUE - SUN, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS): 9:30 - 4:00 p.m.;
June (TUE - SUN): 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; July (TUE - SUN, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS): 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; August (TUE - SUN): 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.;
September (TUE - SUN): 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; October (WEEKENDS, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS): 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
2. Starting times of individual tours and up-to-date information about the tours are available at the ticket office of the heritage site and on the website at:
3. Tours can only be taken with a guide.
4. The intervals between individual tours and their maximum capacity are determined by the heritage site management. The visitor capacity of the tours and the heritage site is determined with regard to the operating conditions of the heritage site and the safety of visitors.
5. Guided tours are organized for groups of at least 5 visitors, including people with free admission. Groups with less than 5 visitors will wait for the start of the next tour, which will then take place regardless of the number of visitors. Exceptions are granted by the head of the heritage site management. The last tour of the day takes place regardless of the number of visitors.
6. Tours can be booked by both large groups and individuals. The exact date and time of the start of the tour must be agreed in advance with the manager of the heritage site in writing, by phone, e-mail or using the electronic booking system. If a booked group or a booked individual does not show at the ticket office of the heritage site at least 15 minutes before the agreed time for the start of the tour, the agreed tour reservation will be cancelled. The manager of the heritage site reserves the right to put additional people to a group with prior reservation up to the maximum capacity of the tour.

1. The admission fee to the heritage site is payable in advance. The admission fee and the discounts that are granted from it are determined by the price regulation effective for the respective year issued by the National Heritage Institute, Regional Heritage Site Management in České Budějovice. The price regulation is available at the ticket office of the heritage site and on its website at
2. After paying the admission fee, the visitor gets a ticket (group leaders get a group ticket). In the case of guided tours, the starting time of the tour is marked on the ticket.
3. If a visitor fails to show up for the tour at the starting time indicated on their ticket, the visitor’s ticket will be forfeited without refund.
4. Purchased tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.
5. Visitors must show their tickets upon starting the tour, keep their tickets for the entire tour and present them again upon request.

1. When visiting the interiors of the heritage site, visitors must pay close particular attention to uneven road surfaces, reduced passageways or other hazards occasioned by the historic nature of the heritage site. Increased caution is required while walking in slippers. Visitors must take the utmost care for their safety, the safety of the children they are accompanying and any other persons entrusted to them.
2. For the reasons of bad weather, rental of the heritage site or critical technical problems, the manager may close the heritage site or any part of it.
3. Children under the age of 15 are allowed to enter the heritage site only when accompanied by a person over the age of 18, who is responsible for ensuring that the child's behaviour complies with the requirements of the Rules for Visitors.
4. In the interiors of the heritage site, it is allowed to walk only along the defined and marked routes.
5. It is possible to interpret the guide's explanation only upon prior agreement and only if foreign-language interpretation cannot be provided by the guide or by the available foreign-language texts or audio equipment. While interpreting, other visitors and the guide's explanation must not be unduly disturbed and the principles of courteous behaviour towards other visitors must be observed.

1. Visitors must follow the instructions of the staff at the heritage site. If a visitor disobeys an instruction or order issued in the interest of the safety of visitors, the protection of the heritage site or the collections, the visitor will be expelled from the grounds without refund of the admission fee and must leave the heritage site immediately. In addition, the visitor might be subjected to sanctions under the generally applicable laws.
2. To protect the heritage site, visitors and cultural furnishings, selected interior spaces are monitored by a camera system with video recording. Information on the protection of personal data is available on the website at in the personal data protection section.
3. Persons reasonably suspected of being drunk or having consumed drugs or other narcotic substances are strictly prohibited from entering the heritage site.
4. Visitors wearing heavily soiled, inadequate or otherwise inappropriate clothing or footwear are not allowed into the heritage site.
5. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and any handling of open flames is prohibited at the heritage site. In the event of a fire or other emergency, visitors must follow the instructions of the staff.
6. For security reasons, visitors are prohibited from bringing any cold weapons, firearms, explosives and chemicals, including replicas, into the heritage site.
7. Bulky luggage, inappropriate headwear, bulky bags, pole or wet umbrellas and animals are not allowed in the installed interiors.
8. A visitor who is at the heritage site at the time of detecting any loss or damage of the exhibited furnishings during the tour, acknowledges, by entering the heritage site, that they may be subjected to all necessary security measures and asked to await the arrival of the Police of the Czech Republic for the purpose of investigating the detected damage or loss.
9. It is prohibited to damage or endanger the heritage site and its cultural furnishings in any way. In particular, it is prohibited to:
a) touch, write on, paint on, scratch or damage the walls and exhibits in any way
b) during a guided tour, leave the designated routes, walk away from the guide and the group being guided;
c) disturb other visitors or the guide's explanation with noise (talk, music, singing, the use of mobile phones and mobile playback devices, loud speeches and other similar activities) or in any way make the visit to the heritage site unpleasant for other visitors; failure to comply with this condition may be grounds for expulsion from the tour without refund of the admission fee;
d) eat and drink in the interiors of the heritage site, enter the interiors with ice cream, drinks, food;
e) advertise any goods, services, or activities here, or otherwise disturb the peace and order;
f) touch or handle electrical boxes, signalling equipment, fire extinguishers or any other technical equipment;
g) tamper with touch screens, cameras or any other equipment at the heritage site or the ticket office/visitor centre.
h) touch or tamper with the information system of the heritage site.
10. Movement of animals at the heritage site:
Entry with animals into the heritage site is strictly prohibited except for guide dogs of blind persons and dogs specially trained to accompany persons with severe disabilities (the "assistance dogs") with the prior consent of the heritage site manager (on some routes, walking with assistance dogs is restricted or prohibited for operational reasons). The management of the heritage site may request a proof that the dog is an assistance dog. A person with an adverse medical condition must produce a license for an assistance dog with special training upon request.
11. Taking pictures, making videos or other documentation is prohibited in the interiors of the heritage site, except in the rooms specified by the guide at the beginning of each tour, in which taking pictures is permitted while respecting the other tour participants. Where you are allowed to take pictures, you may not use flash, tripod, selfie sticks, or any other lighting or assistive technology. You may not take pictures of the guide without their express consent. Use of any photographs, videos or other documentation taken in the heritage site for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the National Heritage Institute, the Regional Heritage Site Management in České Budějovice is prohibited. For scientific, documentary, promotional, and other purposes, the Regional Management may grant an exemption upon written request.

1. With the consent of the head of the heritage site manager, it is possible to enter the area and the park or courtyard with motor vehicles, but only for the suppliers of visitor facilities, services and buildings.
2. Parts of the park that are normally open to the public during opening hours may become a paid-entry area during a cultural, historical or social event, and visitors will be informed of this fact in advance via the heritage site's website.
3. Dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the chateau. Dogs are only allowed in the courtyard of the chateau and the chateau park.
4. The operation of the park and courtyard is regulated by their separate rules for visitors.
5. When touring the interior of the heritage site or when a cultural or other event open to the public is held at the heritage site, the visitor acknowledges and understands that by participating in the event/tour, photographic/video documentation may be taken during the event. This documentation will be used exclusively to meet the legitimate interests of the National Heritage Institute (also referred to as “NHI") for the purposes of promoting the event, informing about the event, etc. on the website, social networks, printed materials, etc. The photographic/video documentation will be taken mainly to capture the course of the event as a whole, not specific individuals. If visitors have any objections to this, they can contact the event organiser. The National Heritage Institute always protects any personal data obtained against misuse and processes them in accordance with currently applicable laws. Information on the protection of personal data, including advice on the rights of visitors, is available on the NHI website at in the personal data protection section.

1. Visitors can express their praise, comments or questions verbally at the chateau ticket office, in writing by e-mail or at the National Heritage Institute, Regional Heritage Site Management in České Budějovice.
2. The visitor is liable to the National Heritage Institute or the manager of the heritage site for violation of the Rules for Visitors and for damage to property at the heritage site, in accordance with the applicable laws. The liability of the management of the heritage site for any damage caused to visitors during their stay on the grounds is governed by the generally applicable laws. The National Heritage Institute is not liable to visitors for damages resulting from failure to comply with these Rules for Visitors.
3. Exceptions to the rules for visitors may be granted in justified cases by the manager of the heritage site.
4. These Rules for Visitors enter into effect force on 1 January 2023; the existing Rules for Visitors are being repealed at the same time.

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